Explore Braunton - The Most Biodiverse Parish in England


Acknowledgement and Thanks by Sally Edgcombe

The Velator Wetland Project is very much an Art inspired project.  The main objective for the resource pack is to bring together available information and individual’s enthusiasm to encourage people to enjoy and learn from this beautiful site.

The Creative Art work that has been done at Southmead County Primary School, Braunton will, I’m sure, inspire wide interest. 

I highly recommend the Carlton Sanctuary 2000 Schools Study Pack that was produced by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, in conjunction with Carlton Television and has been included within the pack. It targets the upper Key Stage 2 Scientific Enquiry and Life Processes and Living Things, parts of the Science National Curriculum 2000 but will give lovely ideas for younger or older people to get involved.

I am indebted to following who have assisted me in the development of this Resource Pack.


Jean Edwards, local photographer, who provided the initial core of photos
Colin Varndell, Professional Wildlife Photographer
Northern Devon Coast & Countryside Service
Southmead School, who have extended the photographic collection
Zoe Bateman of Braunton School for photographs and invitations to the Website Club
J and A Cameras for quick reliable processing


Mr David Brown, the teachers and pupils of Southmead School
Warren Collum for his Wildlife Sketches
Rosemary Wilmer for her ‘Music For Velator’
Allan Edgcombe for the Tree ID’s sketches and the Maps of the Site
Nicola Jones for her weaving advice and expertise
Peter Jollands, John Hickson and staff of Hallsannery Field Centre for their Pond Activities, help and advice

Permission to Reproduce Extracts of Published Works

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust for their Woodlands and Grassland Study Packs
Gig Hardy of Cellarhead Environmental Centre
Carlton Television for the Sanctuary 2000 Study Pack
Gordon Maclennan’s “Talking to the Earth” (Its bound to make you smile!)
“Black Dot”, “Copyright O Libby Houston 1993,1999, is reprinted from All Change (OUP 1993) by kind permission of the author, for use with Velator work.
Caroline Sheldon, poetry agent for Kaye Umansky and Kaye Umansky herself.
Peter Dixon for his two poems
Rachel Burdett, of Penguin Books, for “The Frogalist” by Brian Patten, The Dragonfly by Tennyson, “The Ducks Ditty” by Keneth Graham.
Brain Patten for “The Frogalist”
Janice Swanson of Curtis Brown for their letter confirming “Duck’s Ditty” is in the public domain.

Sandra Chalton for permission to include her beautiful walks booklet entitled “Wild Flowers of the Mid-Devon Hedgerows”. Also to the Tarka Millennium Fund for allowing inclusion of Sandra’s booklet in the pack.

Help with Computer Work

All the tutors at ‘Caddsdown Flexit’ for their friendly tuition and advice.
“Computers” in Barnstaple for CD copying
Hallsannery Centre for assistance with CD work and copying
Tom Butler for his computer expertise and flair.
Debbie Green for her invaluable setting out and typing.
Claire Smith for her typing whilst on holiday.
Steve Wells for helping to prepare the photos for printing.
John Soper for helping me refine my choice (no mean feat).


Sianita Designs Limited Barnstaple for colour printing back to back.
Northern Devon Coast and Countryside Service for black and white.
Pronto Print of Barnstaple, for Introduction Section printing colour back to back.
Badcock Printers for the Photo pack.

Stationary and Advice

Lew B’s in Bear Street.

Encouragement and Advice

Janet Brown of the Devon Schools Library Manager for discussing how to start putting a pack together.
Northern Devon Coast & Countryside Service
Mary Rose Lane, Environment Agency
Lisa Harty, Arts Consultant for the Countryside Service
Tristan Surtees & Charles Blanc the Velator Wetland Commissioned Artists of Sans Facon
Judy Jones and the Day Centre Clubs
Janet Taylor Millennium Award Mentor

Many thanks to the Northern Devon Countryside Service for their unstinting support. Grandma for looking after Tom, Tom for not minding too much if the brick tower I was building fell down too soon because I was not concentrating. But most of all to David for staying calm when all around him was total havoc, hopefully the tide may go out for a while in our house taking with it the flotsam and jetsam to reveal the carpets once more.

And finally a huge thanks to Carin, Kate and staff at the Tarka Country Millenium Awards for providing me with the resources and finance to produce the pack.

With Best Wishes

Sally Edgcombe 

explore braunton, the most biodiverse parish in england - a north devon aonb project