Explore Braunton - The Most Biodiverse Parish in England

Activities to do from the Embankment


The embankment is an ideal spot for a class of children to sketch from.  However you must stress the importance of remaining on the embankment, observing the wildlife and the water from a distance.  Also to reiterate the ‘water useful’ message whilst on site.

Zooming in!

  1. Ask child to stand, hold a cardboard frame 20cm x 20cm at chin height.
  2. Look down at the grass, What can they see? How many different plants? Any animals? What is the most unusual/ attractive thing in their frame. Sketch the view.
  3. Kneel, once again with frame at chin height sketch view.
  4. Lie on stomach with frame on the ground sketch view.
Extracts taken from The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Grassland Pack

A Swan by James

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