Explore Braunton - The Most Biodiverse Parish in England



The Shirley Hughes Collection – Creepy Crawly World

The Puffin Book of Amazing Animal Poems
Duck’s Ditty by Kenneth Graham
The Birdwatcher’s First Notebook by Richard Edwards
The Duck by Ogden Nash
Flo the White Duck by Gwen David
The Dragonfly by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Beetle by Andrew Martyr
The Centipede – Anon
Bat Chart by Liz Lockhead
Black Dot by Libby Houston
The Frogologist by Brian Patten
Day Out by Nigel Gray

Prickly Poems The British Hedgehog Preservation Society
ISBN 0-09-176379-7
French Hedgehog by Pierre Dixon
The Gourmet Hedgehog Eats Out by Kaye Umansky

Animal Alphabet  by Richard Digance
ISBN 0-71-811960-6 The Stickleback

From ‘I like this Poem’ published by Penguin books
Upside Down by Aileen Fisher

“The Centipede’s Song” by Roald Dahl, from his book James & The Giant Peach

I heard a Spider Sobbing by Peter Dixon copies from 30 Cheriton Road, Winchester , Hants, England SO22 5AX
“The Colour of my Dreams Macmillans“ by Peter Dixon

For the older child: Collins 1961 ISBN 0001061240
The Golden Treasury of Poetry  selected by Louis Untermeyer, old fashioned but has a wonderful page. The Greek poet Anacreon wrote about a grasshopper, John Keats and Leigh Hunt decide to challenge each other to write a poem of exactly 14 lines on two insects.

At the Mercy by Libby Houston ISBN 0850313473 “The Dragonfly”

Useful Publications

Sanctuary 2000 Schools Study Pack www.itv.com/central/community

Grasslands Key Stage 1 / 2 Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Grasslands Key Stage 3 / 4  Gig@cellarhead.cix.co.uk

“Collins” Field Guides

Birds by Character: Britain & Europe – A Field Guide to Jizz R Hume, Macmillan paperback

Wildlife in the Westcountry by Colin Varndell, ISBN 0-907683-44-4

The Birdwatchers by Simon James, ISBN 0-7445-7592-3

The Minpins by Roald Dahl, ISBN 0-224-02899-5

Caterpillar Caterpillar by Vivian French, ISBN 0-7445-2275-7

How To Make Felt by Anne Belgrave, a practical craft book from Search Press

Creative Paper Craft by Ernest Rottger Batsford, ISBN 0-7134-2805-8
If you have trouble finding this thoughtful book I have a copy which I would lend. Tel 01271-327004 Sally Edgcombe

‘The Hedgerow Year’ by Sandra Chalton, companion book to Wildflowers of the Mid-Devon Hedgrows Tel. Sandra Chalton 01363-773518 or buy from Crediton Book Shop.

‘Nick Baker’s British Wildlife: A Month by Month Guide’  by Nick Baker 
ISBN 84330 060-5

‘Rush Work’ by Olivia Elton Barratt to purchase contact 01279 651497 or Email: oeltonbarratt@ukonline.co.uk

‘Baskets from Nature’s Bounty’ by Elizabeth Jensen  ISBN 0-934026-69-6

‘Fibre Basketry: Home Grown and Handmade Basketry’  ISBN 0864172656

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