Explore Braunton - The Most Biodiverse Parish in England

Braunds Sail Loft

Braund's Sail Loft, 1930sThe numerous sailing ships in Braunton gave plenty of work to W. Braund and Sons, sailmakers in South Street.

This is a picture of the loft during the 1930’s, which shows William Braund to the left. The business passed to his son Richard, who made the last sails around 1950.

Mr Richard Braund, sewing sailHe is seen here, many years later, giving a demonstration of his sewing skills at the Greenwich Maritime Museum. 

Repair Yards

No boats were ever made in Braunton (this trade was largely left to boat builders over the Estuary at Appledore) but there were two ship-repairing yards at Velator, one owned by Fred Clarke and another later on, owned by Messrs W Bray and E Evans.

They were kept busy installing auxiliary engines and doing general repairs.

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