Explore Braunton - The Most Biodiverse Parish in England


Braunton Museum & Information

If the information in this web-site has whetted your appetite for local history, please visit Braunton and District Museum, The Bakehouse Centre, Caen Street Car Park, Braunton EX33 1AA. The telephone number is 01271 816688 and email brauntonmuseum@yahoo.co.uk  but more information can be found at their web-site.

Braunton Countryside Centre

Perhaps this web-site has inspired you to find out more about the countryside and conservation. If so, please visit Braunton Countryside Centre in Caen Street Car Park, Braunton EX33 1AA, call 01271 817171 or see their website for more information.

Website Queries

If you would like to contribute to this website or have queries relating to it, please contact the web master.

North Devon Coast Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (NDCAONB)

The Explore Braunton project is hosted by the North Devon Coast AONB, which ensures that the North Devon coast is valued not only for its landscape, wildlife, tranquillity and recreation but, equally important, as living and working landscape that can provide an income and good quality of life for local residents.

For more information, please contact the North Devon Coast AONB Team at Rooms 518/519, Civic Centre, Barnstaple, EX31 1EA, call 01271388650 or email aonb@devon.gov.uk. The AONB web-site can be found here.


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