Explore Braunton - The Most Biodiverse Parish in England

Facilities at the Site

This is a wetland site which the Environment Agency and the Northern Devon Coast & Countryside Service invite people to see as a wonderful recreational and educational resource for the area, a safe haven for wildlife, fauna and flora and so facilities have been kept to a minimum.

The only written information on site will be health and safety information and there will be some water safety equipment on site.

People are encouraged to come to the site on foot or by bicycle, the two main access points being from the cycleway. There is no parking designated for the site, any school minibuses could possibly stop for a short while, to unload or load passengers, at the old Wrafton Station entrance to the cycleway. However, they would have to be moved to the main car park at Caen Street in Braunton, for the duration of the visit.
Swans at Velator
Disabled access to the site will be in two places; the wooden walkway from the cycleway to a viewing area, although the platform itself will not be accessible for wheelchairs. The access from Wrafton Road, through a gate, will allow wheelchairs to enter the site and the grass path will be firm enough and maintained to a standard to allow access in good weather. The other access from the cycleway, leading along an unmade path to the hidden grass seating area, is not suitable for wheelchair access due to the excessive gradients and wet nature of the ground.

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