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Braunton parish is bordered on its western edge by the Atlantic sea, which meets the broad expanse of Saunton Sands and, behind the beach, the sand dunes of Braunton Burrows.

Its northern boundary runs from the seaward tip of Saunton Down, eastwards through Lobb, above Nethercott and towards West Down, where it encompasses Fullabrook Down. Running from this north-easterly extremity, the eastern parish boundary descends towards Ashford but turns west to exclude Heanton Punchardon, which lies just to the south. The boundary line proceeds in a south-westerly direction, skirting Braunton Marshes, to meet the Taw Torridge Estuary. It goes on to encircle Crow Point at the southern-most tip of Saunton Sands and the Burrows. The village of Braunton lies within.

Braunton Great Field and Marshes join the south-western edge of the villages while to the north-west lush green pasture and arable land extend into the rolling hills. The parish includes a wide variety of landscapes, but is dominated by fertile farmland and a close connection to the sea.

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