Explore Braunton - The Most Biodiverse Parish in England

North Devon’s Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserves are special areas designated by the United Nations for testing out sustainable development on a regional scale and North Devon’s Biosphere Reserve is the UK’s first.

north devon's biosphere reserveNorth Devon is one of a network of Biosphere Reserves throughout the world that includes such important areas as the Danube Delta, the Hawaiian Islands and the Great Gobi.

Our Biosphere

Here in North Devon our Biosphere reaches from its core of the internationally important dune system at Braunton Burrows all the way up to the upper reaches of the Taw and Torridge river basins, encompassing as it does the whole of the greater North Devon area.

Unique Opportunity

The Biosphere Reserve designation provides North Devon with a unique opportunity to take a lead in developing more sustainable ways of living that will benefit the environment, economy and community of the area.

If we are to achieve this exciting vision then we will all need to play our part, whether as organisations, businesses or individuals.


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