Explore Braunton - The Most Biodiverse Parish in England

The Ferry Crossing

An ancient ferry crossing once existed between Crow Point and Appledore. It is possible that it also connected Yelland when the estuary was a thriving Celtic community nearly 2,000 years ago.

The White House

Flora at Crow Point, 2004The building near Crow Point, now known as the White House, was once known as the Ferry House and it was connected to Braunton and Saunton by a former ‘ferry way’, which cut south to north at the back of the Burrows to link the crossing point to the end of Sandy Lane.

The American Road

Foredunes at Airy PointThe ferry was in operation right up until World War II, under the name of the ‘Pulchraffe Ferry’. During the war, the ferry way was widened and straightened by American troops – giving it the title of the American Road.

More is explained about military presence on the Burrows here.

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