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The Result

Although much has been said about the Result already, it is worth pointing out that without exception, she was considered to be Braunton’s most treasured asset.

The Finest Sailing Vessel

The Result at VelatorIn her hey-day she was the finest sailing vessel in the coasting trade. In 1909 she was bought by J Clarke and, at 122 tonnes, was the largest vessel ever to come over the bar. She must have been an awe-inspiring sight and indeed she is remembered with affection by everyone who speaks of her.

Film Career

The Result during filmingDuring 1950, she was selected for a part in the film Outcast of the Islands.  Her crew were kept on and appeared in the film, although it is generally acknowledged that they preferred their usual ‘day jobs’!  For the purpose of the film she was temporarily named Flash, which causes much confusion when pictures of her at that time are put on display. It cost £60 a day to hire the Result and the crew were paid £10 a week with an extra £2 for removing the make-up!  

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