Explore Braunton - The Most Biodiverse Parish in England

Village Life

Welcome to the hub of life here in Braunton – the village centre. It’s a busy place on any day of the week, but particularly lively during the height of the summer, when people visit Braunton from far and wide.

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Something for Everyone

View of Braunton from West Hill, 2005Why do they come? Many visit the area for its stunning surf beaches, others enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, some pass through Braunton on their way to other places and yet very few of the visiting public realise just how special this area is. For every age group and every area of interest, there is something to explore at Braunton.

The Largest Village in the Country

The village is reputed to be the largest in the country and around 10,000 people live here. The village has grown and spread in recent years and now has three primary schools and one secondary school – Braunton Community College.

Cab stand outside Braunton station, 1904It hasn’t always been as large as this though; in living memory there were just seven streets in Braunton, each of which had farms. Farming and shipping were the two industries that sustained Braunton from medieval times right through to the second World War. Since then however, life in Braunton has begun to change.

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